Iron Sky – Timo Vuorensola – 2012


Timo Vuorensola has a great sense of humor. His 2012 picture, Iron Sky is about Moon Nazi’s and really delivers on that premise whole-heartedly. The plot is ludicrous. In the 40’s some Nazi’s escaped Germany and used their lunar program to fly to the moon.

Flash forward to 2012. A Sarah Palinesque US President sends a Black model to the moon in hopes to gain votes for her upcoming election. The film involves a Moon Nazi Earthologist, (the lovely Julia Dietze), who teams up with said model to help stop the invasion of Earth by Moon Nazis. What’s more, the black model has been Aryanized(?) so the actor wears white face for nearly the entire film. So the lovely Earthologist and the white black man go back to Earth with future Furher Adler to make plans for the invasion.

The film asks you not to question anything. Just put your head back and enjoy the ride. It feels like a Roland Emmerich film, with a sense of humor and a plot. Each set up and situation is more ridiculous than the preceding, and I kept asking myself, how much money did they really spend on this stupid, stupid movie.

I say stupid, because it ignores all logic and believability in favor of pure, sugarcoated entertainment value on a par with This Island Earth or Slumber Party Massacre. It’s like a MST3K film that makes fun of itself. There is no sly commentary needed. They just milk the absurd premise for exactly the right amount of time the roll credits.

Much of the film involves the black model teaching the Earthologist that Nazi’s were really bad on Earth. It’s not until a run in with a skinhead gang that she really learns this truth. Meanwhile, Herr Adler is banging a fashion Mogul who ingratiates him to the president before learning his plan of global domination. After he reveals his true colors, our President, (perpetually seen in workout gear), hires this same dumb broad to lead the offensive against the moon.

Got it? Still with me?

Udo Kier has a small and thankless role as the former Furher, but he is gunned down about halfway through the film so he can walk away and collect his paycheck. The real star of the Film is Julia Dietze and while she might get a lot of work in Germany, some Hollywood types need to get her in more films over here. She’s basically the equivalent of a younger, more attractive Christina Applegate. She’s got great comic timing and is Heaven on the eyes.

By the end of the picture all the nations of the Earth, (who swear they didn’t have space programs), launch their ships at the moon to take down the Nazi space war station. The scene from the war room is brilliant as Not-Sarah Palin yells at global leaders for their deception concerning their technology.

Borrowing from such diverse films as Tropic Thunder and Dr. Strangelove, Iron Sky is one of the weirdest and most fun films of the year.  It has an ending I would put on a par with Escape From LA, and it makes the whole of the proceedings worthwhile. I love absurdist big budget disaster comedies, and I hope Vuorensola has more shenanigans up his sleeve for his next picture. Recommended for those with a funny bone, a love of disaster films or a hatred of moon nazis or any kind of nazis. But especially those bastard moon Nazis.


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