My Most Anticipated Films of 2013


Here’s a list of my most anticipated films of 2013. I was going to rank them but found that impossible, so here they are in alphabetical order. I included an image where possible!


All Cheerleaders Die – Lucky McKee


Lucky is the best US horror filmmaker so I’m excited to see this high-school horror show.


Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues – Adam McKay


The most beautiful rainbow. Do me on it!




Charlie Kaufman’s screen nightmares must be seen to be believed.


The Conjuring   – James Wan


Haunted farmhouse, whatever, I like James Wan.


Das Missen Masaker – Michael Steiner


A Swiss Beauty pageant slasher from the director of Sennentuntschi – Curse of the Alps.


Djinn – Tobe Hooper


Uncle Tobe makes an Arabian horror film.


Elysium – Neil Bloamkamp


District 9 is 9 kinds of brilliant, so I’m sure this will be too.


Evil Dead – Fede Alvarez


The trailer is the best trailer ever.


Gravity – Alfonso Cuaron


George Clooney in space, this time with Alfonso Cuaron!


Hatchet III – BJ McDonnell


Will they ever catch that pesky Victor Crowley?


Her – Spike Jonze

Falling in love with your operating system can be bittersweet.


The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug – Peter Jackson


I liked the new one.


Inside Llewyn Davis – Joel and Ethan Coen

Coen Bros don’t make bad films.


Insidious 2 – James Wan


I liked the first one.


Iron Man 3 – Shane Black


Iron Man Unchained.


Kick Ass 2 – Jeff Wadlow


I liked the first one.


Kon-Tiki – Joachim Ronning and Espen Sandberg


This is going to be like Life Of Pi, but made by Vikings.


Machete Kills – Robert Rodriguez


I’m actually super stoked about this. I waited forever to see the first one and loved it.


Man Of Steel – Zack Snyder


Let’s see if they don’t fuck this up.


Maps To The Stars – David Cronenberg



Nymphomaniac – Lars Von Trier

No simulated sex.


Once Upon A Time In Shanghai – Ching-Po Wong


From the director of Revenge: A Love Story.


Only God Forgives – Nicholas Winding Refn


I want to see Gosling’s pretty face all fucked up.


Open Windows – Nacho Vigalando


Sure to be mind blowing, that’s what Nacho does.


Oz: The Great And Powerful – Sam Raimi


I like all of Sam’s movies, this should be no different.


Pain and Gain – Michael Bay


Don’t make fun of me, it looks funny.


Pacific Rim – Guillermo Del Toro


#1 most badass thing I can’t wait to see.


Riddick – David Twohy


I like the first two.


The Sacrament – Ti West

Ti West rocks my world. Bring it Ti.


Sin City 2: A Dame To Kill For – Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller

I like the first one.


Snowpiercer – Bong Joon-Ho


From the director of the Host.


Star Trek Into Darkness – JJ Abrams


Ooooooooh, spoooooky.


Thor: The Dark World – Alan Taylor

Thor is cool.


The Wolf Of Wall Street – Martin Scorsese


Finally, the real gangsters get their day in a Scorsese film. Give ‘em what for Marty!


The Wolverine – James Mangold


C’mon, It’s going to be good.


The World’s End – Edgar Wright


Edgar m’n f’n Wright.


The Zero Theorem – Terry Gilliam

Terry Gilliam plus Christoph Waltz.


Cool Stuff!



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