Rabbit 105 – Sebastian y Federico Rotstein – 2014


Sebastian y Federico Rotstein’s Rabbit 105 is a tightly constructed noose of terror, claustrophopically set in a giant, empty parking garage. Rotstein is able to invert the empty space into a crushing nothingness in which the vapid protagonist is trapped. A clueless consumer has been shopping in some kind of mega mall and she has her hands full of her many purchases and her face to her mobile phone talking to a “friend”. The garage is totally empty and she cannot find her car. As the moment s pass terror sets in and darkness creeps through the garage, the lights ominously going out one by one.

Is this woman terrorized by some unseen force? A deranged psychopath, or is she merely a victim of her own hubris, trapped in a garage, her car towed, because she refused to pay attention to the towing rules or closing times? The film can and should be read in all of the above ways.

The actress portrays the empty disconnect of the modern lifestyle perfectly. She identifies herself not even by the things she has, but by the acquiring of things, it is an addiction. She does not shop like this once in a while, it is her lifestyle. She is dressed affluently and has many bags from high dollar boutiques, she is as shallow a personality as can be.

Is this her first time in this garage? Probably not. Who’s to say she didn’t park at Rabbit 105 last time? On her countless visits she has parked on every level. She spends most of the film on her mobile. Was she on her mobile when she arrived? Did she buy all that shit while tethered to a banal conversation with her friend?

This bitch on wheels is disconnected and trapped by her own disconnect. The film plays like a DePalma style creeper, but the unseen force may very well be this empty shell of a woman’s own hollowness manifest.

I understand that the film is to be expanded and I’m sure that many of these questions will be answered. Will the woman on the phone come to help her friend? Is the woman on the phone responsible? I know if I had to listen to this chick I might plan some crazy parking lot revenge!

Rabbit 105 is an incredible experience from Sebastian y Federico Rotstein and I can’t wait to see the world expanded and the tension turned up to 11!


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