My Top Films Of 2014

No apologies. I haven’t seen everything. Here goes.

25. John Wick


John Wick is a fully realized action world with kick-ass characters and great stunts. Plus, who doesn’t love Keanu, the guy is a damn treasure.

24. Noah


Darren Aronofsky pushed all his chips in on this psychedelic bible trip. Is it what they teach in Sunday school? No, but, it was an amazingly realized original vision. I loved it.

23. Cheap Thrills


“It’s been cool partying with you Craig…” Never has the sentence “I’d do anything for my family.”, seemed quite as sick as after seeing this film.

22. In Order Of Disappearance


Snowy poetry and the goofiest villain of the year. This film made me laugh the most as I watched it’s tragedy unfold.

21. Automata


The most moving film about robots I’ve yet seen.

20. Open Windows


Your computer and telephone are watching you and there is nothing you can do about it.

19. Captain America: The Winter Soldier


The most adult and morally grey film Marvel has made, which makes it all the more badass that Cap is on the side of what’s right instead of toeing the party line.

18. Freefall


This film breaks all the narrative rules and instead shows you sights you never imagined. Never.

17. The Tribe


This film keeps you out but has you looking as close as possible. Also, absolutely the best ending of the year.

16. Late Phases


Late Phases is the kind of meditation on masculinity and what it means to grow old that rarely surfaces anymore. Think of it as 10 to Midnight, with werewolves.

15. Tusk


Tusk is everything a movie should be. Funny, authentic, romantic, silly, gory and strange. I’ll never hear that Kleenex box drumbeat from “Tusk” the same again.

14. The Raid 2


This movie is too long and convoluted but rises to this spot on the merit of its final hour. The action pieces in this film are the best the world has to offer.

13. Snowpiercer


The back of the train working with the front of the train to keep us all in line is a potent symbol and I’m glad there is a film, (starring Captain America, no less!), that gives words to this struggle.

12. Gone Girl


Did for marriage what Jaws did for swimming in the ocean.

11. The Zero Theorem


Does it mean anything if it all means nothing? Also, best use of Radiohead in any film ever.

10. Nightcrawler


Lou Bloom scares me. That’s why he’s real. He’s looking back at you in the mirror right now, knowing you could do a little better for yourself if only you were more motivated.

9. Under The Skin


An interstellar predator learns the human condition. It’s like the inverse of Springbreakers. Instead of humans growing cold and murderous the cold and murderous grow human.

It’s the Iron Giant of evil bitch films.

8. Let Us Prey


A Carpenteresque police thriller that keeps it coming until the final second. Violent and mean, this film is hard and as cool as they come.

7. Enemy


Second best ending of the year, and second and third best Jake Gyllenhaal performances. This is a film I’ll watch again and again.

6. Cold In July


Don’t show this to your basic bitch girlfriend. This is a film about men, bad men, and the worst men. Riveting.

5. All Cheerleaders Die


Nearly as cool as a teen horror comedy can be, this film is bloody, and sexy and so much fun.

4. Tokyo Tribe


Better than you ever dreamed a Japanese rap musical about warring gangs would ever be by a power of one thousand. This film left me feeling so happy I cannot explain!

3. The Guest


The Concept. The Soundtrack. Dan “muthafuckin'” Stevens.

2. Guardians Of The Galaxy


“Oh Boo Hoo! Everybody has got dead people! It’s no excuse!” This film is great precisely because it is a film in which a crew of self-interested crooks learn to give a crap about something other than themselves. And it’s a high concept fantasy with a pop soundtrack. Pulp Fiction in space.

1. The Tale Of Princess Kaguya


It took Isao Takahata eight years to adapt a fable hundreds of years old that tells the story of a princess who races through life at an accelerated speed. The effect is one of the most mesmerizing experiences I’ve ever had with a film. This film truly carried me through a spectrum of emotions and set me safely and happily on my feet again after we were through flying. A masterpiece, and in contention for the greatest animated film ever made.

Looking forward to many more great films in 2015!


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  1. Where do you get those amazing alternative posters! Cool list!!

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