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Mission Statement

Posted in Uncategorized on August 29, 2012 by bookofdread

Why create yet another film blog?


Simple. Because none of the blogs out there satisfy my need for a textual analysis of film. Sure I like film reviews, but the problem is that they focus on new releases, and folks often just want to read whether or not they should go see a film. I have usually decided beforehand what I am going to see, and am more interested in a more academic discussion about these works. I promise an ideological look at the texts of films, an assesment of the characters and what they suggest about the filmmakers worldview, where the themes of the film line up with current events, and most importantly a reading of the murky moralities offered up in films and where they intersect with the world at large. I hope those of you who are looking for a rich discussion of film will find one more click during your day over here.

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